Surreal / Chaos Theory (One Seven Five #001)

by The Outside Agency



This first release on One Seven Five is served up by label bosses DJ Hidden and Eye-D themselves, and firmly sets the course for the label. Surreal creeps in with a slow, dark intro only to land straight into two bars of relentless kickdrums which lead into a set of snaredrums that are almost more intense than the kickdrums. Almost. Chaos Theory on the flip tries to pull the same trick in its intro but immediately mixes the aforementioned kickdrums and snares together into an unstoppable step pattern. Every so often the kickdrum gives way to some bits of straight drum & bass fooling you into thinking this is something its not, but the highly energetic kickdrums are never far away. In short this is a truly unique release in a style that only The Outside Agency can deliver and should appeal to fans of hard-edged drum & bass and hardcore alike.


released February 27, 2009

Written & produced by DJ Hidden and Eye-D


all rights reserved


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