Dark Energy / They Hunt Us (One Seven Five #006)

by Deathmachine



Deathmachine is the second artist to successfully infiltrate the ranks of The Outside Agency's groundbreaking crossover label One Seven Five. This release is reminiscent of some of The Outside Agency's earlier work on One Seven Five, and we're not saying that like it's a bad thing. In Dark Energy pounding yet groovy distorted hardcore kicks, topped off with the snappiest of snaredrums, and a fittingly Bristish vocal sample make up the ingredients for this stormer that is guaranteed to make even the most stubborn dancefloor bust a move. They Hunt Us on the flip is a clear nod to Deathmachine's love affair with drum & bass. He wined it, dined it, and ultimately wrote a song about it. Would you like to hear it? Here it goes...


released April 28, 2011

Written & produced by Deathmachine


all rights reserved


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