God, Protect Me from Your Followers (Genosha #004)

by The Enticer

Bill Hicks.


When we heard Enticer’s Strengthening Hate we instantly knew we had to have it on Genosha. Luckily Aaron was into our sound and was down to do a release for our label. We wanted three of his tracks and decided we’d add a remix of our own. This pretty much became the standard setup for ‘new’ artists on Genosha. (Three tracks + a TOA remix.)

Our remix on this release deserves a special mention because it was one of the first tracks we actually produced together. It was a lot of work. Aaron’s tracks are very ‘dirty’ and we’re all about clean. We spent about one whole day getting the melodic sound we use in the intro cleaned up. We EQ’ed the fuck out of it, removed clicks and pops and layered other synths in. It now sounds like the original, but clean. Go back and check it out. Our remix also has a very distinct Ilsa Gold tribute towards the end, for those who know. The end-bit is from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It tells you how the music business works.

The title for the record comes from a button that was given to me by my friend Mark. I suggested the title to Aaron because I thought it accurately reflected what Strengthening Hate is about. He said he liked the title, but that I was completely wrong.


released June 25, 2004

Written & produced by A. Rungeling
Remix by DJ Hidden and Eye-D


all rights reserved



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